DG Technology Solutions was founded to help small business owners in Northumberland gain access to quality and reliable IT support and solutions at a reasonable price.

Our director, Dave Gearing, has been working in IT support and solutions for over 20 years having worked in IT departments in several North East further education colleges providing IT support and working on several large IT improvement projects.

Our support solutions are designed to prevent problems with IT happening in the first place.  By using commercial tools used by larger world wide businesses we carry out regular maintenance on all of our clients computers, pro-actively monitor them for potential problems, protect them with anti-virus software designed for business use and provide the with remote IT support when they do come across problems.

We also provide businesses with IT consulting, designing custom IT solutions to help their businesses grow and to help protect them in the digital world.

Our business is fully insured giving us and our clients peace of mind.


Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your IT needs