Free Wifi Access! Hurray!

We all like to see this, especially when our phones signal is next to nothing.

The question you need to ask yourself though is – can letting customers use our Wi-Fi damage our business?

The answer is unfortunately yes and here are some reasons why: –

  • If not configured correctly they could access your business systems such as tills, CCTV, computers, printers and storage devices
  • They could be downloading illegal material or using file sharing software
  • They could be sending malicious communications via email or social media
  • Customer usage could prevent your business systems from accessing the internet if left uncapped
  • A bad guest internet experience is often mentioned in online reviews, putting off potential customers
  • Any internet activity by your customers will be recorded against your broadband connection and you may be liable for your customers usage.

Here at DG Technology Solutions we can supply and install Wi-Fi networks that secure your business systems, filter internet activity to reduce liability and ensure guests accept terms and conditions of use to limit your liability further.  We can also provide you with ongoing monitoring and support ensuring everything runs smoothly after the installation.

Contact us today for a no-obligation discussion about how we can help you.