Monthly Subscriptions – What is Included?

Our monthly subscription service supports your business by covering your day to day IT needs.  Think of us as your own IT Support department.

All our packages include: –

Managed Business Anti-Virus – we monitor systems ensuring they are up to date, and we get alerted if any virus or malware issues occur

Weekly Maintenance – our systems carry out maintenance every week on your computers ensuring they run as smoothly as possible

Update Monitoring – We ensure your computers are updated with the latest security updates, closing the door for many security exploits

Hardware Monitoring – computers have parts that fail.  Our systems monitor the hardware and inform us of issues so we can resolve faults before they occur.

Ticketing System – you can report any IT issues 24/7 via our online ticketing system.  You can also check on your tickets progress so you can make sure we are doing our job!

Remote IT Support – we can access your computer to resolve your issues quickly and more efficiently that having to visit your premises reducing your downtime

Telephone Support – need something in a hurry – give us a call

20% Off – Our “At Your Office” rates for installation services and audits

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